September 02, 2015


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At the start of every new month, I have decided that I am going to post a 'Wishlist' of the products that I have my eye on to buy! As these are all quite expensive products, I will obviously not end up buying them all (or even any of them) in the coming month, but a girl can dream!

The first product that I would love to try in September is the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. I have heard so many amazing things about this foundation, and I am dying to finally try it! As school has started and so have my breakouts, I would love to have a full coverage foundation at hand, and apparently this one covers all redness and blemishes, but still looks extremely natural on the skin! I would also like to have this foundation during autumn and winter, as all of the foundations that I own are quite dewy, but this one has a more matte, but not completely matte, finish that I think would look nicer on my skin at this time of the year.

The second product on my wishlist this month is the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in 'Soft and Gentle'. Although I don't really like MAC products that much, one of my friends has this and it looks really pretty! It is a shimmery peachy champagne highlighter and although I usually prefer less shimmery highlighters, this one would look amazing for the evening and going out. This product is also quite pricey for a highlighter, as it is €31, but there is a lot of product in it, and I can't imagine that I would ever finish it!

The third product on my wishlist this month is the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder in '1 Fair'. I have seen lots of great reviews on this powder on the Internet, as it is extremely finely milled, and although it is great at reducing shine, it does not cake or look and feel heavy on the skin. While at my local Charlotte Tilbury counter a while ago, I swatched this powder and I was amazed at how creamy and buttery it felt on my hand, as usually powders can feel quite dry and irritating on my skin sometimes. I would also love to use this powder during the winter time, as although my skin can get extremely dry at this time, I still have some unwanted shine around my T Zone, and I would like a powder that feels soft on the skin and doesn't cake.

The fourth product on my wishlist is the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. In the past few weeks, I have been putting mascara on my lower lashes as well as my upper lashes, whereas before I didn't really like the way mascara on my bottom lashes looked before. The only problem with using a regular, non-waterproof, mascara on the bottom lashes is that it tends to smudge quite easily throughout the day. I can also find it quite hard to use a normal mascara wand to coat the lower lashes with mascara because they are so small. As I have seen many great reviews about this mascara for the bottom lashes, and as it is a mascara dedicated to using only on the bottom lashes so the wand is quite small, I would really like to try this!

The last (and most expensive and unreasonable!) product on my wishlist this month is the Tom Ford Lipstick in 'Pink Dusk'. At €48 (€15 more expensive than Chanel lipsticks!), I doubt that I will ever buy this lipstick, but it is one that I have wanted for over a year, and if I had to choose a makeup product that I would love to own the most, then this would be it. I have seen so many great reviews about the formula and pigmentation of Tom Ford lipsticks, and the shade range is also fantastic. The packaging is also very luxurious! That being said, I really don't think that I could ever justify spending this much on a lipstick or even expecting anyone else to spend this much on a lipstick for me, as I think paying this much money for one lipstick is crazy, and you're really just paying for the Tom Ford branding, as the formula and shade range is a lot like other high end brands, such as Chanel and YSL, and they are at least €15 cheaper! Although, I would still love to buy this lipstick, and I am saving my money to buy it eventually, so I am considering treating myself to it soon!

I hope you enjoyed reading my makeup wishlist, and what beauty products are on your wishlist at the moment?