August 16, 2015


From left to right: Bite Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil in 'Madeira', Marc Jacobs (P)Outliner Lip Liner in 'Honeybun'
When I was in Sephora in the U.S while on holidays a few weeks ago, I picked up two lip products I had heard lots about, the Marc Jacobs (P)Outliner Longwear Lip Pencil in Honey(Bun) and the Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in 'Madeira'. When I tried them on after buying them, I was a bit disappointed. The Marc Jacobs liner looked a bit too peachy on my very fair skin, and the Bite Beauty lip pencil washed me out slightly. I decided to try them on together, lining and filling in my lips with the Marc Jacobs liner before putting the Bite Beauty lip pencil on over it. This resulted in the perfect peachy nude lip for pale skin; as the peach liner gave my lips some colour, but the nude lip pencil gave some glossiness and toned down the peach a bit.

In terms of formula and quality, both of these lip products are great. Firstly, the Marc Jacobs lip liner is the best lip liner I have ever tried, and I can't wait to try the other two shades in the collection. This lip liner is incredibly creamy, and it also stays on the lips all day. It goes on the lips very smoothly, and doesn't cling to dry patches or lines on your lips at all. It is also very pigmented, so you don't need to use as much product to fill in the lips as you would with some other lip pencils. I also love the packaging of this liner, as it is retractable, so you don't need to keep sharpening it all the time. Although the colour of this liner doesn't really suit me on its own, since the formula and packaging is so good it is still one of my favourite lip liners. 

The Bite Beauty High Pigment lip pencil, despite being described as a matte lip pencil, has more of a satin finish. As the name suggests, this pencil is extremely pigmented, which is great for the brighter, bolder colours in the collection, but for the nude shades, such as Madeira, which I bought, can seem to be a bit too pigmented, as for more neutral shades, I prefer a sheerer finish. However, if you are looking for a lip product in a wide range of shades, from nudes to bright reds and pinks, that is very pigmented, this is a great product. The quality of this lip pencil is fantastic, as it is not drying on the lips at all, and it does not cling to dry patches on the lips. This pencil is also extremely easy to use, and it is impossible to go wrong with it. Although I bought a shade that doesn't suit me when worn alone, I still really like this product, and I will definitely be buying more of these next time I am in America!

I love these two lip products together, and I have been wearing this combination non-stop since I got them. The only real downside to these products is their availability. At the moment, you can only buy Marc Jacobs Beauty in Sephora stores in Europe, US and Canada, or on the Sephora US website, which unfortunately does not ship to Ireland, but they are also available on the Sephora France website, which does ship to Ireland. There are no stockists of Bite Beauty anywhere in Europe yet, but you can order them from the Sephora US website if they ship to your country, or you use a third party to ship them to you.