August 07, 2015


Lately, I have been loving using cream eyeshadow pots, especially because they are so quick and easy to apply. My two favourite cream eyeshadow pots are by KIKO and Charlotte Tilbury, and as they are at completely opposite ends of the price spectrum, I thought I would compare the two! The cream eyeshadow pots I am comparing are the KIKO Cream Crush Lasting Colour Eyeshadow in '01 Pearly Vintage Rose', a light champagne shade, and the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadow Pot in 'Marie Antoinette', a golden mink shade.

Both cream eyeshadows are housed in small round pots, with the brand's logo on the top of the lid. The only significant difference between the packaging of these pots is that the KIKO one is clear, and the Charlotte Tilbury one is more frosted. I like the packaging of both of these eyeshadow pots, although I would say that the Charlotte Tilbury packaging is slightly more luxurious, but the KIKO eyeshadow pot has lasted better in my makeup bag, as the Charlotte Tilbury logo is starting to wear off on the lid.

In terms of the actual product inside, which is the most important aspect, the Charlotte Tilbury cream eyeshadow pot is significantly creamier and easier to apply than the KIKO cream eyeshadow. When using a brush to apply the eyeshadow, there is not as much of a difference, but when using your fingers the KIKO cream eyeshadow tends to go very patchy on the lid, whereas the Charlotte Tilbury cream eyeshadow is very creamy and easy to blend with your finger. You also do not need to use as much of the Charlotte Tilbury cream eyeshadow to get an opaque finish, although maybe this is because the shade of the KIKO cream eyeshadow that I own is very light. In terms of finish, both eyeshadows are quite shimmery, but they have no traces of glitter. Both eyeshadows last about 8 hours on my very oily eyelids with my eyeshadow primer, the NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, but without, the KIKO one lasts about 3 hours and the Charlotte Tilbury about 4 hours before creasing.

The last noticeable difference between these two cream eyeshadow pots is the price. The Charlotte Tilbury cream eyeshadow pot is €26 for 0.24 oz, and the KIKO eyeshadow pot is €6.90 for 0.14 oz. Although the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow pot contains more product than the KIKO one, it is significantly more expensive.

I love both of these cream eyeshadow pots, and I would recommend both to everyone. It really depends on what shade and finish you want your cream eyeshadow pots to be. KIKO has a selection of 16 shades, with both shimmer and matte finishes. They are mostly quite bright colours, with a few natural, more wearable colours thrown in. Charlotte Tilbury however, has 6 shades, with all being shimmery. All the Charlotte Tilbury shades are very wearable, bar the 'Cleopatra' shade, which is a turquoise colour. All in all, both products are fantastic. If you want a great cream eyeshadow pot on a budget, the KIKO ones are great, and they have a great selection of both natural and bright shades. If you are willing to spend a bit more in return for a slightly better, creamier formula with slightly easier to wear shades, then I would advise you check out the Charlotte Tilbury cream eyeshadow pots.