August 12, 2015


Recently, my mum bought the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, as she had heard lots of raving reviews about it and she wanted to try it out for herself. I also couldn't wait to try it, as I have very dry skin, and I was sure that it was going to be good, as all of Charlotte Tilbury's makeup products that I have tried have impressed me so far. I also liked the fact that this moisturiser has SPF15 in it, as since I live in Ireland, where we don't get much sun even in the summer, I don't wear any SPF under my makeup, but it's nice to wear a low amount of SPF just in case. This is also only really a day moisturiser, although Charlotte says you can use it at night, as sleeping in SPF is bad for your skin.

The first time I tried this cream, I used it as my moisturiser for under my makeup. As instructed, I only applied a pea-sized amount and I massaged it into my skin, just as Charlotte does. After applying it, my skin felt really smooth, and even before foundation, it looked dewy, but not shiny or greasy. As I have very dry skin usually, I was really happy that my skin was finally glowing! My makeup also went on very well, and it didn't cling to any dry patches or look cakey at all. My makeup also looked more dewy than usual, which I really liked. Since my skin looked so dewy, I did have to powder more than I would have to without the Magic Cream, but I didn't mind. My makeup also lasted very well over the cream, and it looked great all day long. 

The next day however, I woke up with a rash of small red bumps all along my jawline. They weren't noticeable to anyone else, but they felt really dry. I don't have acne, but I do get small spots on my forehead area quite often and an occasional spot on my chin, but I had never gotten spots along my jawline before. Even so, I used the cream again, just to make sure that it was really this cream that was causing the rash. The next morning, I woke up with even more red bumps in the same place, and when I stopped using the Magic Cream for a few days, the rash was gone. 

Even though the Magic Cream reacted with my skin, my mum has been using it most days for the past month and she loves it. She does have to powder a bit more often than she did before, but she doesn't mind because her makeup goes on much better than it did before, and her makeup also looks more natural on her skin. This moisturiser is very expensive at €90, so if you want to try it out, I would advise going to a Charlotte Tilbury counter and asking for a sample to try, as reviews are very mixed about this product. It works wonders on some people, but for others, it can cause breakouts as it is quite a heavy cream. I would recommend that people with normal skin, or dry skin that aren't prone to spots try this cream, as it can make a big difference in the appearance of your makeup. I wouldn't recommend this to people with oily skin, as it will just make their skin appear even oilier. I also wouldn't recommend this cream to people living in hot climates, as it will just cause their face and makeup to go quite shiny and oily.

If you would like to find out more about the ingredients of this cream and recommendations from a skincare expert about if these cream is right for you, you can check out this post by Caroline Hirons, which I found very helpful, as she highlights the ingredients in this cream that may not be suitable for certain skin types.