August 19, 2015


When I was making my list of what beauty products I wanted to get in Sephora on my trip to the US last month, the three products that were highest on my list were the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, the matching Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #12 to use alongside it, and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel. Although you can order these products from, they are a lot more expensive due to the exchange rates. I also wanted to swatch the shades of the Dipbrow Pomade in person and make sure that I was buying the right colour. After swatching the shades in store and getting some advice from one of the friendly assistants in Sephora, I decided to go for the shade Medium Brown, which is the same shade as I have my Brow Wiz in. 

The Dipbrow Pomade is housed in a clear pot. The packaging reminds me of that for a gel eyeliner pot, such as the Bobbi Brown ones. The formula of this product also reminds me of gel eyeliner, as it is creamy, but it does not smudge. This product is very pigmented, and you only need to use the smallest amount on your eyebrows. To use this product, I dip the #12 Brush very lightly into the product, and then I wipe all the excess off it onto the inside of the lid. I then draw a very light line below my brows with the product that is left on the brush. Then, I draw small strokes with the brush to fill in any gaps in my eyebrows, using the spoolie on the other end to blend the product and brush through my brow hairs. As this product is very pigmented, if you use too much your eyebrows can look very drawn on, and as I have quite thick brows already, if I use too much of this product it can make them look too thick. Overall, I think that this is a great product once you learn how to use it properly, as it lasts all day (around 10-12 hours) without fading, and when used right, it makes my eyebrows look amazing. I think that as I already have quite full brows, this product might be a bit too much on them for every day, but if you have very sparse brows and want to thicken them up, this is a great product. It can also look quite natural when done properly, such as when Pixiwoo teach you how to use it in this video.

The other brow product I got from Anastasia Beverly Hills while in Sephora was the Clear Brow Gel. As I have quite thick eyebrows, it can be hard to keep the brow hairs in place throughout the day, and as I had heard so many great reviews about this product, I was sure that I would love it. Although this is a great product and it certainly keeps my eyebrows in place throughout the day, I just didn't really like the feeling of this brow gel on my brows, and I also found that the spoolie was a bit too thick, and it would deposit the gel all over the skin around my eyebrows, even with very careful use. I also think that it is quite overpriced, as it costs $22. Altogether, this product is great if you want a clear gel that will keep you brow hairs in place all day, although I'm sure there are cheaper alternatives that do the same job.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchases, as these brow products are all amazing, and I am looking forward to trying out more of the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products in the future.