July 12, 2015


Left: First Love. Right: Sex On Fire

A few weeks ago, I went searching for the perfect nude blush that would complement my pale skin, by giving it a bit of a glow but not looking like I had too much blush on. I came across the Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blusher in 'First Love' and I knew that I had found the perfect nude blush, especially for the summer months. 'First Love' is the lightest blush in the collection. It is made up of two different shades in one compact that complement each other perfectly. Charlotte says to use the lighter shade all over the cheeks, and then pop your brush into the middle shade and pop it into the centre of the cheeks to give an extra pop of colour and glow. The outer ring of 'First Love', the lighter shade, is a lovely shimmery peachy shade. On my pale skin, it gives a slight shimmer and glow to the cheeks without looking overdone, but on darker skin tones it may show up as more of a highlight shade. The inner circle of the blush, the darker shade, is a more pigmented, less shimmery darker peach shade, which looks lovely on the apples of the cheeks blended with the lighter shade.

A few months before I bought my Charlotte Tilbury blush, my mum had bought a Charlotte Tilbury blush for herself. She was told to buy the Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blusher in 'Sex on Fire', which is the second darkest blush in the collection, as she false tans and she is much darker than I am. Like 'First Love', this blush has two different shades that complement each other, and you apply them the same way you would apply the two shades in 'First Love'. The outer shade of this blush is a dusty rose pink shade. This shade would look lovely on all skin tones, and even though the darker shade in this compact is much too dark for me, I often use this lighter shade as it brightens my complexion, especially during the winter months. The inner shade of this blush is a kind of a brown-pink colour that looks lovely on medium skin tones, such as my mum's. In this blush, neither shade is overly shimmery, but when on the skin they give a lovely glow to the cheeks.

After having tried two of these Charlotte Tilbury blushes, I only have good things to say about them. They are very finely milled, they do not look powdery on the skin, and they also have just the right amount of pigmentation so that they are not too pigmented, but you do not need to use too much to get them to show up on the cheeks. They also do not oxidise on my mum or I at all, even though I had seen in other reviews that they oxidise on other people. Although the shade range of these blushes is quite limited, with only six different shades, there is at least one shade to suit almost all skin tones. These blushes are also quite expensive at €39, but you get a lot of product and you do not need to use too much. My mum uses hers every day and she has had it for about 7 months now, and as you can see, she has barely made a dent in her blush. I can't wait to try more of these blushes, and I have my eye on 'Love Glow' to buy next.