July 19, 2015


Recently, I was going through my everyday jar of makeup brushes, and I realised that there are so many brushes that I rarely use, and I find myself using the same few brushes everyday. I decided to try and clear out my makeup brush jar and only keep the brushes that I use on a day-to-day basis in it. These are the brushes that made the cut:

This is my favourite brush to use for foundation as it speeds up the process and it really buffs the foundation into the skin, which gives a very natural finish while still giving good coverage. This brush is also great for buffing concealer into the skin.

This is the best brush to use for contouring and highlighting, and it can also be used for bronzer. I love this brush because it is very soft, and the tapered end means that you can apply contour powder and bronzer exactly where you want it, and then you can blend it out using the side of the brush. You can also use the side of the brush to apply highlighter at the tops of your cheekbones.

This specific brush is only available in a set with three other brushes, but you can find ones like it from many makeup brands. This brush is great to use for powder, as it is quite small so you are only applying it where you need it, such as to set concealer and on your T-Zone to prevent shine. This brush is also great for applying blush, as because it is quite small and round, it only applies it in the areas where you want it, as I find that many blush brushes are too big for my face.

This is the best multi-tasking brush for eyes. As well as its main use, which is to blend eyeshadow in the crease of the eye, I find that it is also great at depositing a wash of colour over the eyelid, blending eyeshadow under the eye, and applying cream eyeshadow. This brush is also great at applying and blending concealer, but I would advise that you get a second brush for that purpose.

This brush is the only other brush you need for the eyes. This brush is great at lining the eyes with either powder eyeshadow, gel eyeliner or even cream eyeliner. It is also great at smudging eyeliner on the upper and lower lashlines. This brush is also great at filling in the eyebrows with a powder or cream product, because it is just the right size for the eyebrow, and the way it is angled means that you can draw in each individual hair.

These five brushes together can do pretty much any makeup look you like. There are some days when I might need to use an extra brush, such as a lip brush, but on most days, these are the only brushes I ever need to reach for.