July 26, 2015


Top Row, from left to right: Heaven, Cashmere Bunny, Sexpresso
Middle Row, from left to right: Silk Teddy, Push-Up, Erotica
Bottom Row: Nudie, Honey Pot, Chocolate Martini
The Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette is one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes. It is the perfect size for travelling, and it has a nice range of both matte and shimmer shades. The eyeshadows are also very pigmented, and I find them very easy to blend. They stay on my lids for about 8-10 without creasing when I use my NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base underneath.

This palette has nine eyeshadows in it, and the eyeshadows are divided into three different looks; Day, Classic, and Fashion. There are three eyeshadows in each look, which gives you a lid shade, a crease shade, and an outer corner shade that I also use to deepen the crease sometimes. The fact that this palette is divided into three different looks makes it ideal for travelling, as you have three completely different eyeshadow looks for all occasions. You can also, obviously, mix and match the looks to suit you.

The Day look has three matte shades in it, which makes this look perfect for work and school. The base shade, 'Heaven', is a very pale ivory colour. It is a great base colour, especially for those with paler skin. The next shade, 'Cashmere Bunny' is a light brown-taupe colour, which is perfect as a crease colour. 'Sexspresso' is a dark brown colour that is great for deepening the crease and using in the outer corner of the eye. All of these shadows are very buttery and pigmented, and they also blend very well into the skin. Even though this look might be the most boring in the palette, it is the look that I have worn the most.

The Classic look has three quite shimmery shades in it. After the Day look, this is the look that I find myself wearing the most. I even often wear the shadows in this look on my eyelids, with the shadows in the Day look in my crease or outer corner. The base shade in this palette, 'Silk Teddy', is a shimmery pale champagne pink shade. The next shade, 'Push-Up' is a pinky-bronzey shade. I love wearing this shade in the crease with 'Silk Teddy' on my lids, as I find that these two shadows together make my green eyes pop. The final shade in this look, 'Erotica' is a dark brown shade with gold glitter. I don't find myself using this shade very often, as sometimes the gold glitter particles tend to cause fallout. Apart from 'Erotica', I love this look because the shadows are extremely pigmented and there is no fallout at all. These shadows are also extremely easy to blend.

The Fashion look has two shimmery shades and one matte shade. I find myself wearing the eyeshadows in this look very rarely, as because my skin is so pale, the gold shade, 'Honey Pot', doesn't really suit me, and neither does the 'Chocolate Martini' shade. The base shade in this look, 'Nudie', is a matte beige shade that is a great natural crease shade on very pale skin, such as mine. On most skin tones though, it is a great, natural looking base shade to put all over the lid. The next shade, 'Honey Pot' is a shimmery warm gold shade. The last shade in this look, 'Chocolate Martini', is a warm chocolate brown shade with gold glitter. Even though 'Honey Pot' and 'Chocolate Martini' don't really suit my skin tone, they are beautiful eyeshadows, and they are very pigmented and buttery. 

This palette is great because it has a mix of both shimmery and matte shadows, and because this palette is divided into three different looks for all occasions, this would be a great eyeshadow palette for beginners, as it also comes with a booklet describing how and where to apply the eyeshadows for each look. This is also a great addition to any makeup addict's collection, as even though the shades in this are quite alike to the ones in many other eyeshadow palettes, specifically the Urban Decay 'Naked' range, the eyeshadows in this palette are amazing quality and as I said already, this is the perfect palette for travelling as it is compact, and it has a great mix of eyeshadows. I would recommend this palette to beginners and makeup lovers alike.